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To Sleep or Not to Sleep

Some days are good and some days are so bad that all you want to do is go to bed and curl up with your pet. While they provide companionship and keep your feet warm during the winter, studies suggest that having your pet sleep with you can worsen your allergies, interupt sleeping patterns, and create a territorial feud. According to Dr. John Shepherd, sixty percent of his sleep disorder patients had their pets sleep in their bedroom. Meanwhile, twenty-two percent had their pets sleeping in the bed with them. (more…)

How Many is that in Dog Years?

A new study is buzzing in the scientific world. Specifically a 5 year study. Thats about 35 years in dog time. Ruh roh!  Researchers are looking to locate about 10,000 pets regarding aging in canines. Roughly 500 dogs will test a pill that will slow their aging process. As dog owners know, the smaller the dog the longer he or she lives. Big dogs such as Great Danes, will be eligible to take the rapamycin pill, that humans take to prevent rejection of transplanted kidneys. (more…)

Where did this Dog come from?

It’s amazing how quick a day can turn around from a cute GIF sent to a friend. A cuddly, yelow goldren retriever puppy that winks at you and then tells you ‘You’re Pawsome!” Makes you wonder what our human lives would be like without our trusty sidekick canine. A recent study shows that dogs break down starch into sugars, which are then transported from the gut into the bloodstream; much faster than a wolf. (more…)

Mikey’s Story

Hand picked at only twenty three month’s old, Mikey began his journey of becoming a guide dog by the Pilot Dog Inc Breeding Program. He tells his stories of putting aside his playful puppy tendancies of eating shoes, to becoming a strict K9 partner. Learning the sights and sounds of blind or visually impared human beings. Mikey was trained to ignore people’s reactions to his adorable face, including children approaching him and wanting to play. (more…)