To Sleep or Not to Sleep

Some days are good and some days are so bad that all you want to do is go to bed and curl up with your pet. While they provide companionship and keep your feet warm during the winter, studies suggest that having your pet sleep with you can worsen your allergies, interupt sleeping patterns, and create a territorial feud. According to Dr. John Shepherd, sixty percent of his sleep disorder patients had their pets sleep in their bedroom. Meanwhile, twenty-two percent had their pets sleeping in the bed with them. The census of fifty-three percent admited to having their sleep disrupted by  their pet. Depends on a personal preference. The sounds of loud snoring could lull a pet owner to sleep, or the close proximity of the pet leads to a silent  fighting match of who gets more space on the bed. Your call, it’s not all bad until the pet starts sleeping the other way then you get to wake up to seeing a pet’s butt in the morning.

(Northeast Florida Edition, 2014)