How Many is that in Dog Years?

A new study is buzzing in the scientific world. Specifically a 5 year study. Thats about 35 years in dog time. Ruh roh!  Researchers are looking to locate about 10,000 pets regarding aging in canines. Roughly 500 dogs will test a pill that will slow their aging process. As dog owners know, the smaller the dog the longer he or she lives. Big dogs such as Great Danes, will be eligible to take the rapamycin pill, that humans take to prevent rejection of transplanted kidneys. The study will be crafted in the dog’s routine day-to-day life, the times the dog eats, walks, how long they sleep, etc. Owners are responsible to take their pet to the vet once a year or any additional tests the vet and study require. The National Institute on Aging is investing the necessary funds of $23 million dollars dedicated to this study. Everyone wants to know how their beloved Fido can live longer.

(The Times Union, November 2019)