Why do we even have dogs?

You lean back in your chain full as a tick. You simply cannot eat another bite because you suppose you’ll explode. Figuratively speaking. Then you remember there’s so many starving and hungry people in this world, you don’t want to waste your food. Suddenly, you feel a slight brush of a paw on your knee and turn to look into big, brown, hopeful eyes. Ah yes, you don’t have to feel guilty; you just give your table scraps to the family dog.

In Riley Black’s article from SLATE.com researches put their heads together with the hopes of figuring out how these canines became our daily life companion. Humans have always had a hard time digesting lean meat. The study suggests the humans would eat as much of the fatty cuts from an animal as they could, and fed the scraps to curious wolves. That would have opened the door for companionship and domestication. In an article from NationalGeographic.com it is suggested that wolves became friendlier in hopes of getting leftover remains from humans. Another example in “ Wolves Lead and Dogs Follow” it briefly explains the shift from ravenous agressive wolves to slightly shy and curious animals. Assisting a human hunting or hauling the food, and getting a genrous cut from the business exchange. No one starves to death, and in return the wolf can keep you warm at night.