Landmark Bills Introduced in Congress: Federal Legislation Calls for Ban on Factory Farms

Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) proposed a legislation calling for immediate moratorium on construction of new facotry farms and phase out of current factory farms. The new Farm System Reform Act S. 3221, prevent monopoly tendancies from multi-national meat and poultry corporations. Each year, these corporations kill more than nine billion farm animals in the United States. “Integrators”, are large meat and poultry companies the control vast amounts of the production chain, to the birth of a pig, to the gutting and slicing of bacon. Hence the integrators have relations with “contract farmers” that raise the livestock for the integrators. While the integrators name is onthe livestock, the contract farmers absorb the costs and risks of being in business with the integrators. Booker’s bill will work to control the factory farms in the United States.