“Take Control” Dog Leash

“Take Control” Dog Leash

The leash that lets you walk your dog instead of your dog walking you!

This doctor-designed, patent-pending leash has been available since 1975 and has been used over the years on hundreds of dogs. The leash is effective and humane with benefits to both the owner and the pet. It protects the pet and allows the owner control.

Now the owner and the pet can go on walks together and both have a wonderful time! Works on dogs of almost any size --- from Dobermans to little “Fi-Fi”!*

*The “Take Control” dog leash should not be used for pregnant dogs.


Small - 5-6-7 inches from point B to C. $15.00 + $3.75 S&H = $18.75

Medium - 8-9-10 inches from point B to C $15.50 + $3.75 S&H = $19.25

Large - 11-12-13 inches from point B to C $16.00 + $3.75 S&H = $19.75

XLarge 14-15-16 inches from point B to C $16.50 + $3.75 S&H = $20.25

XXLarge 17-18-19 inches from point B to C $17.00 + $3.75 S&H = $21.75

(Florida residents please add 7% sales tax.)


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