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Sherlock Bones and the Case of the Vet's Virus

"Beep, Beep, Beep," went the electronic collar around Bones's neck.

"Urgent!" the message said. "Computers are malfunctioning at Dr. Schatz's office."

Dr. Schatz was the best veterinarian in town. She took care of all the animals. 

"The game is afoot!" said Bones to his trusty companion, Dr. Swatson. And with that, the four-footers left Bones's flat at 221-B Barker Street.

Swatson was a rather unusual cat, or at least Bones thought him so. Swatson liked to follow Bones and most cats weren't like that. 

Bones caught himself mid-thought and shook his head (his ears flopping as he did this). Maybe he was stereotyping cats, he thought to himself -- generalizing that all cats were independent, finicky felines.

Upon arriving at Dr. Schatz's office, Bones took to the keyboard in order to solve the mystery. 

"Tell me what happened," Bones asked.

"I can't write any prescriptions or access the medical records of my patients," said Schatz. 

"Your computer's infected with a virus that has scrambled the data," Bones told her. "What were you doing when the situation occurred?"

"I was e-mailing an associate at the University, when all of a sudden I ended up with this @#$%^&*! stuff on my screen!" 

Bones could tell that Schatz was angry...and rightfully so. For without the medical information, dogs wouldn't be able to take their necessary Heartworm preventative...or get shots from Schatz. 

"What is the e-mail address of your colleague?" Bones inquired.

"," replied Schatz.

"Let's take a run to the University, Swatson" said Bones.

Into the Hall of Veterinary Medicine went the two animals. Along the way, they crossed paths with _______, Dr. Schatz's associate.

"Dr. Schatz computer is infected with a virus and we need to talk to you about your e-mail correspondence," Bones said.

_____ agreed and told Bones what he knew about the communication. "She e-mailed me and asked me to transfer some research pages and I did."

"And your e-mail address is, is that correct?" 

"That is correct," said ___________.

"________," said Bones, "you are under arrest for impersonating a research assistant, for hacking computers, and for writing and transmitting computer viruses."


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Coming soon...Sherlock Bones and the Case of the Very Bad Dinner.


Sherlock Bones and the Case of the Empty Water Bowl

Sherlock Bones, Animal Welfare Investigator and his feline friend Dr. Swatson left their home at 221-B Barker Street very early one morning. They wanted to go out to the beach and watch the sunrise. But no sooner had the sun broken the horizon, when Bones felt a beep in his electronic collar.

"Urgent! A dog with no fresh water in his bowl," the message read.

Bones turned to Swatson. "The game is afoot!" he exclaimed. And with that, the two trotted off.

Arriving at the scene, Bones talked to the dog and learned that canine's human companion was usually home by 5 p.m., but it was now 7:30 in the evening.

Bones began sniffing for clues.

"Where does...uh, Mr...uh..."

"Togglebrain," interjected the waterless hound.

"Mr. Togglebrain work?" asked Bones.

"West of here -- about ten minutes drive," said the hound.

"Something smells fishy," said Swatson, as he licked his paw.

At that moment, the hound's owner returned.

"Sorry I'm late," he said. "The setting sun was nearly blinding. I decided to pull off the road and wait until it was less bright."

"It is you, who is less bright," replied Bones.

"Waiting for safe driving conditions is always smart, but lying isn't. Tell your furry friend why you skipped work today to go fishing."



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The Discovery


"Where did you learn the clues to solve this mystery?" asked Swatson.

"In elementary school, my dear Swatson, in elementary school. Togglebrain couldn't have been driving from work. The sun sets in the west. The hound's owner couldn't have been driving east from work because he said the setting sun hurt his eyes. This means he had to have been driving west from the beach where he was fishing all day."


Coming soon...Sherlock Bones and the Case of the Vet's Virus.





The Discovery 

"Where did you learn the clues to solve this mystery?" asked Swatson.
"In elementary school, my dear Swatson, in elementary school. Since the University is an educational institution, its e-mail addresses and website should be '' not ''. The latter URL is reserved for commerical and business sites." 








Answer: org