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(Courtesy of Sheri Wallace and The Wallace Family)

What animal besides a horse can sleep standing up?
(Flamingo, sheep, cow, or roadrunner).

Which dog was involved in the most fatal dog attacks in 1990-1993?
(Malamute, wolf hybrids, Rottweilers, or Dobermans)

What do you call a group of leopards?
(A pack, pride, leap, or cete)

What animal has no natural predators?

The tiger has no natural predator (except man). All other animals have predators that prey on them.

Q.When Spanish Explorers first landed in the New World they discovered an animal which had been previously unknown to them. For want of a better name they simply called it El Lagarto. What is the common English name of this animal today?
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Q. "In which state of the Union are there no snakes, seagulls, rabies, or billboards?"
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Q. "In the past we have heard of a crash of rhinoceros, a band of gorillas, and even a clowder of cats. But do you know what a group of toads would be called?"
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Answer: Alligator
"The Spanish el lagarto is derived from the Latin word lacertus, which means lizard. In English el lagarto was soon modified to allagarto and then finally alligator."

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Answer: Hawaii

"Hawaii also has no daylight savings time. It is also the only reported place in the US where wild kangaroos can be found. They are the descendents of an escaped pair of wallabies and continued to flourish in the mountains behind Honolulu."
(source: World Wide Web site

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Answer: A knot of toads
The word knot is derived from the Anglo Saxon word cnotta for a knot. A knot of toads in this sense would be a small group or cluster.
(Sources: Webster's 2nd Unabridged Dictionary, page 1006; 1996 World Almanac page 638)

* Special thanks to Mensa de Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands for providing this Quiz Question.

Past Quiz Questions

"The sea is filled with many strange creatures. This creature looks like a water flea at birth. Next it develops 3 eyes and 12 legs. In its next stage it develops 24 legs and no eyes. This animal spends its entire adult life in one place. What is the name of this common animal?"

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Answer: The barnacle.

(Source: "2,201 Fascinating Facts" page 186 Greenwich House pub. "Microsoft Encarta 1996" electronic dictionary file barnacles)

* Special thanks to Mensa de Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands for providing this Quiz Question.