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Citronella Bark Collars by Premier Pet Products
Citronella Bark Collars by Premier Pet Products

A new twist in bark control. Safe and effective. Emits a harmless citrus smell to stop barking.

Economy Training Pads
Economy Training Pads

These pads contain a super-absorbent polymer and are treated to attract pets to the proper potty spot.

Greenies Value Pack
Greenies Value Pack

Greenies are the nutritious, delicious chew that dogs can't get enough of. Contains chlorophyll to freshen breath.

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"Doggie Diary is packed with 64 color pages of adorable illustrations and
journal topics for you to record funny stories, important health records
and lovable photos of that special dog in your life.  Some of the topics
are: Getting to know you...Funny Quirks...Doggie Delights...Fears and
Dislikes...Healthy=Happy...Pet Sitters...Such a Smart Dog...Trips and
Adventures...When pup is mischievous and angelic...and more!  There's also
a handy pocket for filing licenses, plus 20 pages dedicated to photos and
other special memories. This hardback book is great for dogs who are
already cherished members of the family, or for new puppies, too!" Price:


Deer Whistles (Warns animals your car is approaching.)
includes postage and handling


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