James Herriot

Cat Stories (audio cassette)
by James Herriot 
A taped collection of amusing and poignant stories from Yorkshire's famous vet.

Dog Stories (audio cassette)
by James Herriot 
This collection features Herriot's favorite animal --- the dog!

Cats & Dogs (audio cassette)
by James Herriot
This collection of audio-taped stories is written with cat and dog lovers in mind.

The Christmas Day Kitten
by James Herriot and Ruth Brown (illustrator)
It's a Christmas gift for everyone when Buster finds a new home on Christmas morning.

Digger and Other Stories 
by James Herriot and Christopher Timothy (audio cassette)
Included in this taped-collection of Herriot stories are: "Digger," "Judy the Nurse," "Have a Cigar," "Mrs. Beck and Georgina," and "Jingo and Skipper."

The Best of James Herriot: Favorite Memories of One of the Most Beloved Writers of our Time
by James Herriot
This book is a collection of favorite stories from all four of James Herriot's volumes of memoirs. Contains full-color photos and margin notes.

James Herriot: The Life of a Country Vet
by Graham Lord
One account of Herriot's life story is told by Lord, who gives his perspective of the life of Herriot (whose real name was Alf Wright). Recommended for Herriot's followers and others who are interested in biographies.

Bonny's Big Day
by James Herriot and Ruth Brown (illustrator)
She's an oldie but a goody! That, according to Farmer Skipton who decides his old carthouse Bonny will do just fine in a pet show.

Blossom Comes Home
by James Herriot and Ruth Brown (illustrator)
Herriot tells the story of Farmer Dakin, who was ready to take his cow Blossom to market. (Blossom does reunite with her owner, however.)
For the age 4-8 reading level.

James Herriot's Animal Stories
by James Herriot
Although he's no longer living, James Herriot's spirit is still very much alive in his stories from the field of veterinary medicine. This latest work includes ten tales and even more tails.

All Creatures Great And Small
by James Herriot
This classic tale by Herriot is a collection of his memoirs upon arriving in the English village of Darrowby. The story has been described as humorous as well as poignant.

All Things Bright And Beautiful
by James Herriot
The second book in the series continues from All Creatures Great And Small. In this volume, James is married and immersed in his life as a small-town vet.

The Lord God Made Them All
by James Herriot
The third and final volume in the series picks up with the end of the war as James returns to Darrowby.

Every Living Thing
by James Herriot
Herriot begins where his successful series left off. This time, he takes his readers into the decade of the '60s.