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The Goldfarbs

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 1: "He's Baaaack !!!"

As the scene opens, our golden family is eating a dinner of mashed, dried shrimp flakes...

HARRIET: "Yum! Now that's what I call a good dinner...shrimp!"

HARRY: "Yeah, right. It's always the same old thing."


Suddenly, there is a disturbance. A mysterious form emerges from the shrimp flakes floating above...

NEPTUNE: "Hi Mom and Dad! Mind if I munch on your shrimp flakes?"

HARRY: "Oy...What are you doing back home???"

NEPTUNE: "But Dad, I'm one of your 300 kids."

HARRY: "Yeah. One spawning season I wish I could forget."

HARRIET: "What's that supposed to mean???"

HARRY: (under his fish breath) "I better shut up...I've said too much."

HARRIET: "Son, are you feeling okay??? Are you eating okay???"

NEPTUNE: "I'm okay, I guess. It's just...out there in the real world I feel like I'm a little fish in a big pond. Here at home, I'm a big fish in a little pond."

HARRY: "No. You're a little fish in a little bowl!!!"

HARRIET: "Harry, you don't have to yell at him!"

HARRY: "Look son. We're only swimming around this planet for 280 days. You've got to make the most of every waking, waking hour."

NEPTUNE: (rolls eyes) "Gee Dad, thanks for being so supportive."

HARRY: "When I was a hatchling, I had a full-time job."

NEPTUNE: "Dad, you just don't understand. Things have changed."

HARRY: "The only thing that's changed around here is the water."

NEPTUNE: "Funny, Dad. Real funny."


In swims the daughter...NEPTUNA...

NEPTUNA: "Hi, Mom. Hi, Dad. Neptune?! What are you doing home? Aren't you supposed to be at fish school?"

NEPTUNE: "What do you care?"

HARRIET: "Neptune and Neptuna! I need you to help me clean up around here."

HARRY: "Oy...Neptuna! What are you doing?! Look at you! Fish hook in your stockings...where are you going looking like that ??? !!!"

NEPTUNA: "Daaad...I told you. I'm going to see that cool band, 'Oxygen Tank Love Affair.'"

HARRY: "'Oxygen Tank Love Affair'? Don't you like any of the classics like Elfish Presley? Now HE could sing."

NEPTUNE: "Elfish is a big, fat, stinking whale."

HARRIET: "Neptune! Wash your mouth out with soap."

NEPTUNE: "I've had it up to my gills with this family!"

NEPTUNA: "I'm with you. I'm going to the concert."

HARRY: "Oy weh. I'm going to read the newspaper."

(SPLASH!) the concert...

NEPTUNA: "Wow! They can really rock!"

(Announcer): A big fish swims up...

BIG FISH: "Hey, what's a cute little cod like you doing in a place like this?"


NEPTUNA: "Look! It's a piranha! We gotta get out of here!"



Will Neptuna be a morsel for a piranha ???


Will Harry make Neptune leave home ???


Will Neptune return to his school of fish ???


Will Harriet confront the hidden, dark secret

of her intense attraction to a lobster ???

Tune in next time for another exciting episode of THE GOLDFARBS.

Episode 2: "Sorry, shrimp."

PIRANHA: Hey honey, so what if I am a piranha? You a vegetarian or somethin'?

NEPTUNE: You leave my sister alone, you little shrimp.

PIRANHA: Who you callin' shrimp, shark bait?

NEPTUNA: Stop it, you guys! Neptune, he hasn't done anything yet.

NEPTUNE: Yeah, well, he's not going to get a chance. What would mom and
pop say if you came home with piranha bites on your gills, huh?

PIRANHA: Aw gee, I just wanted to say hi; I think you're the cutest
little fish here.

NEPTUNA: Really?

PIRANHA: Yeah. Us piranhas never get any breaks. We're outsiders,
rebels...we're so misunderstood.

NEPTUNA: Wow, I had no idea.

NEPTUNE: Well don't start getting any!

PIRANHA: Say pal, you just don't understand fish like me. Why,
underneath all these teeth is a heart of gold.

NEPTUNE: Yeah, but whose?

NEPTUNA: Gee, I've never met anyone like you!

PIRANHA: So what do you say we get together for a little bite?


PIRANHA: I mean go out or something. I know a great little place called
"The Bait Shack" not far from here. My name's Pierpont, by the way, but
my friends call me Pier.

NEPTUNA: Well...okay, Pier!

NEPTUNE: No way! What, are you crazy?

NEPTUNA: (defiantly) I like him...he's different!

NEPTUNE: I'll say he's different...look at the way he's smiling at you.
He must have a hundred teeth!

NEPTUNA: He's just being friendly. Besides, you can't tell me what to do.

NEPTUNE: Aw, quit acting like a spoiled guppy.

NEPTUNA: That's it! Come on, Pier, let's go.

PIER: See ya later, gator!

NEPTUNE: Who are you calling a gator? Oy, what will I tell mom and pop?
Will Neptuna end up paying for dinner...with her life?
Is Pier really the nice, misunderstood fish he claims to be.. or a loan
shark in disguse?
And what about Neptune? Will Harry and Harriet hold him responsible for
the fishy circumstances?
-Check out the next exciting episode of ...THE GOLDFARBS

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