Paws & Smell the World: Extraordinary Moments with Man's Best Friend (Hardcover)  
by  Dana Thomas (Author)

The Loved Dog: The Playful, Nonaggressive Way to Teach Your Dog Good Behavior

by Tamar Geller and Andrea Cagan

Ask Curtis (Dog-Sense Advice from Curtis the Dog) [ILLUSTRATED]  
by  Curtis the Dog (Author), Dan Gersten (Author)

Book Description
An entertainingly fun read, in which Curtis the Dog, a "canine Dear Abby," responds to dozens of letters he's received from dogs, humans, cats, a flea & a tick, all seeking his dog-sense advice. While filled with delightful quips, quotes & proverbs, as well as pictures of some letter-writers, the book's "gee I didn't know that" factoids offer dogs and their owners useful information on a number of impawtant subjects. And, a portion of Ask Curtis sales is dog-earmarked for a number of dog welfare and rescue organizations.

If Dogs Could Talk : Exploring the Canine Mind  
by  Vilmos Csanyi, Richard E. Quandt (Translator)

Book Description
Every dog owner knows intuitively that there's something special about the high degree of mutual understanding and empathy that exists between humans and their proverbial best friends. Now, an internationally renowned Hungarian ethologist (a specialist in the scientific study of animal behavior) traces the roots of this unique relationship back to the unusual circumstances in which the two species co-evolved over many millennia. Drawing in part on close observations of his own two pet dogs, Flip and Jerry, the author argues that the longstanding alliance of dogs and humans arose from behavioral traits present in the original wolves from which all modern dogs are descended. Wolves, like humans, are highly intelligent social predators, with well-developed cooperative problem-solving and communications skills, giving them distinct advantages in their developing relations with humans. These basic intellectual skills were refined and enhanced over tens of thousands of years, resulting in the enormously varied "artificial animals" we see today. Although the book's specific focus is on dogs, it ranges far afield to discuss in an easy-going, accessible style recent experimental and theoretical work on the behavior of other animals, and especially on their interactions with humans. A highly personal work, If Dogs Could Talk makes the case that the social and emotional bonds between dogs and humans are indeed special, and that they ought to form the basis for our treatment of dogs. Moreover, the author concludes, by closely observing the cognitive behavior of dogs, we can also learn a good deal about how the human mind works.

Disposable Dogs: Heartwarming, True Stories of Courage and Compassion  
by  Steve Swanbeck

Book Description
Disposable Dogs is an unforgettable collection of 70 captivating, true stories of dogs from across the United States who were outcasts until they met up with caring people who recognized their worth--in some cases just hours before the lovable animals were scheduled to die. Readers will meet dogs who are smart, heroic, funny, loyal--all sorts of special pets with extraordinary experiences to share. There's the young Saint Bernard who was adopted from a shelter at the eleventh hour and went on to become the mascot for a professional football team...the neighborly golden retriever who was abandoned when her owner died and soon afterward saved a toddler from falling off a cliff...the elderly blind mutt and deaf old mongrel who found each other near the end of their lonely lives and remained soul mates forever. These and scores of other tales are sure to make the reader laugh, reflect, admire and, perhaps, swallow hard when an unexpected lump wags its tail in the reader's throat. Disposable Dogs celebrates the meaningful, wondrous lives that have been rescued by good people who make a difference.

Howling Bloody Murder  
by  Sue Owens Wright

When an environmental dispute in South Lake Tahoe turns murderous, uneasy residents aren't the only ones howling for the killer to be collared. A nosey basset hound named Cruiser does some howling of his own when he sniffs out the mutilated remains of a Tallis Corporation CEO on a hiking trail near Cave Rock. Cruiser and his Native American owner, Elsie "Beanie" MacBean, soon find themselves up to their ears in a homicide investigation.

A Dog's History of America : How Our Best Friend Explored, Conquered, and Settled a Continent  
by  Mark Derr

Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home  
by  Rupert Sheldrake

Many people who have owned a pet will swear that their dog
or cat or other animal has exhibited some kind of behavior they
just can't explain. How does a dog know when its owner is
returning home at an unexpected time? How do cats know when it
is time to go to the vet, even before the cat carrier comes
out? How do horses find their way back to the stable over
completely unfamiliar terrain? And how can some pets predict
that their owners are about to have an epileptic fit?
These intriguing questions about animal behavior convinced
world-renowned biologist Rupert Sheldrake that the very animals
who are closest to us have much to teach us about biology,
nature, and consciousness.

Doggone Funny: A Book of Canine Humor  
by Sandy Lindsey  
Paperback - 60 pages (April 1998) 
Bartlett Publishing

Editorial Reviews
The publisher, Bartlett Publishing, August 22, 1999
Four Paws Up! 

A Review: 

Readers will be especially attracted to DOGGONE FUNNY if they are youngsters in the middle school or junior high school age range. Also drawn to the book will be those of us who consider ourselves to be mature adults, except when we are around dogs.
Everyone with a sense of humor will appreciate DOGGONE FUNNY.

It is a priceless treasure, from A Pooch's Proverbs to Bumper Stickers for Dogs, from Clues that the Dog's in Charge to Rules for the Socially Challenged Dog.

Dog Quotes  
by Sylvia H. Kreng  
Paperback - 52 pages (May 1996) 
Bartlett Publishing

Editorial Reviews

From the Inside Flap 
Back of the Book: 

Dogs have plenty to say, if you'll just listen! 

This book will: 
- make you and your dog smile
- be an excellent choice to read to your dog at the campfire or fireplace
- inspire a new understanding and respect for dogs. 

About the Author 
The author, Sylvia Horner Kreng, has written for Boys' Life, Family Circle, Highlights for Children, Trails, The Optimist Magazine, and The Wall Street Journal. She is also the author of Cat Quotes, the Booklover's Companion, the Angel Manual, Bless You, Love's Little Suggestion Book, Seeds for the Soul, and Beyond Peace and Quiet: Meditative Moments. She has been a teacher of English and art, a bookseller, and a librarian. 

Dog Stories (audio cassette)
by James Herriot 
This collection features Herriot's favorite animal --- the dog!

Cats & Dogs (audio cassette)
by James Herriot
This collection of audio-taped stories is written with cat and dog lovers in mind.

The Hidden Life of Dogs
by Elizabeth Marshall Thomas
Elizabeth Marshall Thomas observed and studied canine behavior for three decades. She provides insight into their society and world.

The Intelligence of Dogs: A Guide to the Thoughts, Emotions, And Inner Lives of Our Canine Companions
by Stanley Coren
Author Stanley Coren is also a psychologist who answers dozens of questions relating to canine brains. The book includes special sections such as understanding barks and selecting a good family dog.

Dogs Never Lie About Love: Reflections on the Emotional World of Dogs
by Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson
Psychologist Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson maintains that dogs love their humans unconditionally and are eager to please, which is why we find them so appealing. The author of When Elephants Weep, took on the topic of domestic animals with his book about dogs and their feelings.

How to Massage Your Dog
by Jane Buckle and Ron Young
And not to leave out the canine connection...
Author Buckle also uses humor in her book. Complete with 30 drawings, this guide has recommendations for handling the "Couch Potato Dog," the "Skeptical Dog," and the "City Dog," among others.

Why We Love the Dogs We Do: How to Find the Dog That Matches Your Personality
by Stanley Coren
After classifying dogs by behavioral characteristics (friendly, protective, independent, self-assured, consistent, steady, and clever), Coren gives readers a self-test to determine their own personality. The intended result is a match that's good for humans and their canine companions.

Good Owners Great Dogs
by Brian Kilcommons and Paul Kunkel
An expert dog trainer and animal behaviorist provides instruction on how to train and socialize pets so that they become obedient and well-behaved.

How to Be Your Dog's Best Friend: A Training Manual for Dog Owners
by New Skete Monks
"Understanding is the key to communication, compassion, and communion" with your dog, say the New Skete Monks. The Monks' philosophy is reflected in this guide, which features a step-by-step course as well as recommendations for caring for your pet throughout its life.

The Adoption Option: Choosing and Raising the Shelter Dog for You
by Eliza Rubenstein and Shari Kalina
Along with helping you select a pet best suited for you, this book also explains how to spot a reputable shelter and what you can expect from your adopted dog.

Save That Dog: Everything You Need to Know About Adopting a Purebred Rescue Dog
by Liz Palika
Written specifically with purebred rescue dogs in mind, this book explains what purebred rescue is and how it's different from shelter adoptions. Includes 30 photos along with profiles of abused and abandoned dogs that have been successfully placed.

Second Hand Dog: How to Turn Yours into a First-Rate Pet
by Carol Lea Benjamin
This book details care, training, and rehabilitation for dogs that were previously owned or homeless, and at the same time focuses on these dogs' special problems and needs.

No Bad Dogs: The Woodhouse Way
By Barbara Woodhouse
Explores the personalities of dogs and how they are sometimes a reflection of their owners. The author recommends training techniques for all "good" dogs.

Travel With or Without Pets: 25,000 Pets-R-Permitted Accommodations, Petsitters, Kennels & More! (8th ed.)
by M.E. Nelson
A reference guide for taking your pet with you on your journeys.

Vacationing With Your Pet!: Eileen's Directory of Pet-Friendly Lodging: United States & Canada
by Eileen Barish
Features more than 23,000 pet-friendly accommodations in the U.S. and Canada. Also included are 100 pages of advice for taking your pet along for the ride.

Pets Welcome: A Guide to Hotels, Inns, and Resorts That Welcome You and Your Pet; America's South Edition (Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee)
by Kathleen Devanna Fish and Robert Fish
Welcome to the Southeast corner of the United States and its 3-bone, 4-bone, and 5-bone rated accommodations!

Take Your Pet Too!: Fun Things to Do!
by Heather MacLean Walters
This reference book includes discount coupons to events and places where both you and your pet can go. Highlighted are: concerts; galas; cruises; beaches; restaurants; festivals; fairs; dog camps; wine-tastings; museums.

Take Your Pet Along: 1001 Places to Stay with Your Pet
by Heather MacLean Walters
MacLean Walters includes coupons in this guide too! The book references pet-friendly hotels, motels, and B&Bs across the U.S. and Canada.